LC-32HI3012E from Sharp : Our view

What is the new Sharp LC-32HI3012E worth ?

A good mid-range television. This is how we can introduce the Sharp LC-32HI3012E.
First of all, regarding the size of the screen, we are facing a 31.5 inches.
We are dealing with a rather small screen, which is quite unusual with this television maker.
Concerning technology, it is worth noting that this model is delivered with a HD resolution.  With a diagonal of 31.5 inches, this mid-range model canbe considered as a rather cheap television .
Through our review today, you will understand why the Sharp LC-32HI3012E is ranked among the best TVs of the moment.

The design of the Sharp LC-32HI3012E

The Sharp LC-32HI3012E appears as a real masterstroke of the brand regarding both its interior and exterior design.
A product that is correct in view of its price. A sleek but effective design. It has the potential to compete with other TV sets on the market.
In short, the Sharp has really succeeded the design aspect of this TV, which does not go unnoticed no matter where it is installed. If when turned off it has such an effect, the sensations take on a whole new dimension when the screen of the Sharp LC-32HI3012E is revealed.

TV screen presentation Sharp LC-32HI3012E

The Sharp could hardly do better than this LC-32HI3012E with a Direct-LED screen.
With this new LC-32HI3012E Sharp, the company makes an assumed technological choice. 
The Sharp LC-32HI3012E is available in the HD resolution. This resolution is clearly better than what is generally done.
With a screen size of 31.5 inches, this LC-32HI3012E belongs to the series of small models in its range.Beyond its size, we are still in front of a beautiful quality screen.
By providing it with a frequency of 100 Hz, this TV has a better rendering compared to its competitors, in the same category.
In addition, Sharp has decided to use its mastery of advanced technology on this device, which allows it to benefit from a high quality HD image resolution.
To conclude the display part, we could say that it is interesting and effective; it is a mid-range TV that is worth the detour.

The sound of the Sharp LC-32HI3012E

It is the custom to say that a good sound comes from a device with a lot of watts, however Sharp has managed to combine average audio system power with very good sound quality.

In short, the ultimate in sound gathered in this LC-32HI3012E Sharp. The quality of manufacture allows you to immerse yourself in the best of home theater sound.

The sound quality of this TV is average. Don’t push the volume too hard, you’d be disappointed.

Presentation of the connection technology of Sharp LC-32HI3012E

As for the connectivity aspect on Sharp LC-32HI3012E, it provides you with sufficient elements.
In this TV range, the LC-32HI3012E’s offers are among the widest choice of connectors. This TV has more than most of its competitors.

This model has a total of 9 connections, not too bad. The Sharp LC-32HI3012E is probably the best choice today. Most homes are now equipped with a box, a game console, a multimedia server, and other devices, in addition to the simple DVD player.
You have the following connections at your disposal:
2 USB ports, 2 HDMI ports, 1 audio output, 3 antenna inputs, 1 component plug (Video)

Technical characteristics of the Sharp LC-32HI3012E

The main features of this TV set:

Characteristic Value
Ratio 16/9
Screen size in inches 31.5
Screen resolution HD
Display system Direct-LED
Display frequency 100
Sound power 10
Tuners available DVB-T DVB-T2 DVB-S DVB-S2 
Number of tuners 5
Number of USB ports 2
Number of HDMI ports 2
Number of audio outputs 1
Composite Input (Video) Yes
Dolby Digital Sound Yes
DTS Sound Yes
VESA compatibility Yes
PVR Available Yes
Power consumption 45 W

Our conclusion on the Sharp LC-32HI3012E

The overall feeling about the product is satisfactory, it is not the best on the market, but it still allows to have an efficient television set.
The HD resolution has been chosen on this TV. A sufficient choice and well adapted to everyday use. But this standard will certainly be outdated in a few years’ time. By then Ultra 8k prices will have dropped.

From this new Sharp we can retain 3 positive points:
the depth of the colours, the screen size, the sound power.